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Where can i buy cheap Alfred Sofa by Chelsea Home

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Alfred Sofa by Chelsea Home 

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Perfect Alfred Sofa by Chelsea Home with Outdoor



July 18, 2019


Came in the same way advertised

July 18, 2019


We love our new sectional! It’s small compared to it appears and incredibly firm although not uncomfortable. Definitely will break it in and for the price it really is perfect. Also, super easy to put together and love the dark gray color, just like a dark denim look. Very happy with the purchase!...Read More

July 18, 2019


Small enough to match comfortably inside my small apartment but large enough to lounge on. Comfortable cushions, especially around the back- wish they'd used those for the seat cushions too! The velvety black is indeed pretty, it's soft and it feels nice to touch. I will be happy with this sofa for about quite a while, til I'm willing to upgrade to something bigger. Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I expected :)...Read More  read more 

July 18, 2019


shipping was fast and appears great. Quality / Price is a match.  read more 

July 18, 2019


Small piece of furniture. Won’t stand test of your time.  read more 


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