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Yoakum Sofa by George Oliver 

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September 20, 2019


I received this sectional yesterday. The delivery and set up was wonderful and convenient. The sectional is incredibly firm but that was what I wanted. It looks great and I love it!

September 20, 2019


When I arrived home and found my sectional had come to 3 small boxes, I was quite surprised. I didn't realize that assembly was required. The cushions were shoved In So that they were all wrinkly but they eventually straightened out. It was not so easy to put together because the slots and metal brackets would not fall into line and also the screw holes were filled with wood that have to become dug out. It does look good but is very hard. This is a case of "you get what you buy." I don't hat

September 20, 2019


It was easy to build .  read more 

September 20, 2019


It is what it says  read more 

September 20, 2019


Perfect in every way  read more 


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