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Galiano Futon Sofa by Ebern Designs

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Galiano Futon Sofa by Ebern Designs 

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Best Galiano Futon Sofa by Ebern Designs for 2019



December 05, 2019


Love it.. fits perfectly in the room. Larger then I expected but happily surprised.

December 05, 2019


Order was delivered early that was great !!! Love along with and it's also an ideal size for my lounge. The back cushions are very soft and cushions on seat are firm but I like them firm I am glad that I picked this item!! This is my first purches from wayfair and I will be ordering more!!! I was somewhat unsure of buying a thing that I could not see in person first but I must point out that I am delighted using this type of item!!!...Read More

December 05, 2019


Awesome  read more 

December 05, 2019


Super uncomfortable and way smaller than it appears.  read more 

December 05, 2019


Super uncomfortable and way smaller than it appears.  read more 

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