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Hively Pillow Back Sofa by Charlton Home

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Hively Pillow Back  Sofa by Charlton Home 

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The bestHively Pillow Back Sofa by Charlton Home



July 18, 2019


Couch started in 8 days delivery was great, no problems in any way achievable and yes it would be a breeze to gather. I did it without any help in 15 minutes. I am not at all picky about furniture so I ignored the negative reviews about this couch, because I liked the look, size and mostly price, but... I really wish I had gotten a different couch. I knew it might be smaller than normal but it is way too small to sit on comfortably, even my 9 year old was slipping off. And it is really s

July 18, 2019


Good value, and lovely little sofa.

July 18, 2019


this sofa was an easy task to assembled, i became capable of singing it by myself in minutes. it can be pretty firm that is what i prefer so it worked out great!  read more 

July 18, 2019


This sofa fits perfectly for my apartment! It was SUPER EASY to build with all the slide in pieces. I love large along with the feel from it. It is a bit on thr firm side if you'd prefer that. Also i wouldn’t recommend napping or purchasing this couch because it is uncomfortable to lay on. Otherwise this couch is pretty good for the price! I also purchased the armchair too!...Read More  read more 

July 18, 2019


This couch is a lot more being a futon compared to a couch. Its is small. While it is equipped with a pleasant design, it is really not something I would ever buy again. Not even 12 months later I thinking of buying a couch.  read more 


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